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Logo Luz Balloons | Phoenix, Arizona |
Logo Luz Balloons | Phoenix, Arizona |

Large Lighted Marquee Numbers rental

4ft marquee light letters/numbers rentals begin at $75.00, with delivery and pick up costs varying based on location.
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Product Details
  • We have all numbers available, from 0 to 9
  • The rental cost for each marquee number is $75.
  • The rental cost includes installation.
  • The rental cost does NOT include delivery and pickup.

Interested in having your letters double-stacked? Explore our double-stacked frame rentals, starting at $99.00.

We also have 36” tall frames available to meet your letters off the ground starting at $99.00

If you wish to customize the rental of your marquee letters, you can contact us at the phone number +1 (602)510-7789 or fill out our Contact form

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Logo Luz Balloons | Phoenix, Arizona |

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